Crafted with joy

Our founder, Roberto Vanin, grew up in the charming city of Treviso. As a young boy, he discovered that happiness could be summoned with a simple phrase: "Prendi una bottiglia di bolle" ("Bring a bottle of bubbles"). In Roberto's family, celebrations and cherished moments were always marked by the effervescent delight of sparkling wine, affectionately referred to as "Bolle."

Roberto's passion for this bubbly joy led him to study Oenology and later Chemistry at the University of Padova. His career flourished as he led research and development teams for multiple consumer goods companies, yet his heart remained with his dream of creating wines that could bring happiness to others, just as his family’s traditions had done for him.

Now, more than three decades later, Roberto has turned this dream into reality. He embarked on a mission to create the world’s finest range of alcohol-free wines.

Why alcohol free?

Because, remembering how included he felt as a young boy when his mother would allow him just a finger of wine at the table, he wanted to be inclusive and create a wine for as many people as possible to experience the joy, at any time of day or night. After three years of tireless work, Roberto perfected his wine, inventing and patenting a technique not used anywhere else in the world. 

The new spirit of celebration

The result is Bolle, a collection of exquisite non-alcoholic wines that embody the spirit of celebration and joy. From crisp sparkling varieties to rich reds and refreshing whites and rosés, each bottle of Bolle is crafted to bring a touch of Roberto’s childhood happiness to your glass.

Naming his brand was a deeply personal decision. For Roberto, Bolle symbolizes the joy his grandmother's words would always bring. With Bolle, he invites you to celebrate life's special moments and create new memories filled with the same happiness that inspired his journey.