Authentic Alcohol-Free Wine for Every Occasion

We would love to help you enhance your special events by catering you with the world’s only authentic alcohol-free wine. Perfect for weddings, birthday parties, company meetings, and many other special occasions, our premium alcohol-free wines ensure all your guests can join in the celebration. Please contact us at in advance to ensure that we can reserve the products for you and make the right arrangements for delivery.



Celebrate your big day with sophistication. Our alcohol-free wines offer a refined option for guests who prefer not to drink alcohol, making every toast memorable. We find that many guests like to switch back and forth between alcohol and non-alcohol during the day.

Birthday Parties

Make birthdays unforgettable with our delightful alcohol-free wines. Often people are driving or maybe it’s a kids birthday party and you want to offer the parents a special drink but don’t want alcohol around.

Corporate Events

Bolle is ideal for company meetings, offsites or even business lunches. Our wines ensure inclusivity and professionalism – imagine your customer’s surprise when you
offer them a great tasting wine for lunch but it’s alcohol-free.

Other Occasions

Our alcohol-free wines are perfect for anniversaries, baby showers, graduations, holiday parties, picnics, bridal showers, religious celebrations, and wellness

The Importance of Inclusivity

We understand the importance of inclusivity. Offering alcohol-free wine at your events ensures that non-drinkers and those who prefer non-alcoholic beveragesfeel valued and included.

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