It all began one Dry January...

Roberto, our Founder and Chief Wine Maker, set out to find a satisfying alcohol-free wine during his month of sobriety. His search ended in disappointment, with nothing that truly captured the essence of wine. Undeterred, Roberto decided to create his own.

Two years into his journey to bring this vision to life, Roberto met Gary, our CEO, who had also been on the hunt for a great-tasting alcohol-free wine (also had failed). After sampling Bolle (it was the 27th alcohol free wine he had tried) and meeting Roberto, Gary was immediately sold. An afternoon and a dinner in Nice sparked a friendship and partnership that would drive the company forward. Roberto's brilliance in crafting amazing wine paired perfectly with Gary's start-up savvy - a match made in vineyard heaven, you might say.

Enter Steve, our Head of US Operations. Gary first encountered Steve after his first attempt to make wine from the 200 Pinot Noir vines at his California home ended up down the drain. For the next harvest, he wisely enlisted Steve's expertise. Together (meaning Steve made the decisions and Gary cranked the handle on the crusher/destemmer in his garage), they crafted a delightful Rosé that became a hit among friends and family.

Whenever our three leaders chat, Roberto and Steve inevitably dive deep into the intricacies of winemaking, while Gary is learning vineyard vernacular as fast as he can. He often jokes about being "the business filling in the winemakers' sandwich," but it's a testament to Bolle's commitment to quality that two-thirds of the leadership team are bonafide wine wizards.

Roberto Vanin - Founder and Chief Wine Maker

Roberto's roots in Treviso, Italy, planted the seeds for his love of sparkling wine, affectionately known as "Bolle". Armed with an education in Oenology and Chemistry from the University of Padova, he's had a distinguished career in R&D across various industries. Roberto's impressive track record includes R&D leadership roles at Reckitt Benckiser, Mars Chocolate, Yildiz Holding, the parent company of Godiva and McVitie's, and Suntory Beverage Europe.

Gary Read - CEO

Gary is a seasoned company builder with a love for Sales and Marketing. He's successfully founded and or led four companies to impressive exits, including a
$350 million sale to a Fortune 100 company. Being new to the beverage industry, allows him to bring the outsider perspective often challenging Roberto and Steve on the status quo. He calls London home but keeps one foot in California, where he lived for 22 years (and still pays US taxes!!!)

Steve Burch - Head of US Ops

Steve brings 27 years of professional winemaking experience in Napa Valley to our team. With a degree in Viticulture and Enology from UC Davis, he's a winery founder, barrel consultant, and the creative mind behind over 400 wines.
Steve's illustrious career includes roles at renowned wineries such as Mondavi Woodbridge and Flora Springs. He later founded his own winery known for its critically acclaimed Rhone style wines. Steve ensures the quality and excellence of our offerings.