We are delighted to say that the next generation of Bolle is coming soon.

We are once again moving the goalposts when it comes to revolutionising best-in-class, alcohol-free wine. Bolle’s unique science leverages game-changing Zero Gradi™ technology to ferment dealcoholized wine, revitalising complex flavour and aroma profiles without alcohol.   

All of the flavour and sensation of wine - zero hangover, zero guilt.

We have recently been shortlisted in the World Innovation Awards, and both our white and rosé were awarded bronze in the IWSC Awards 2023.

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  • "At last, I’ve found something decent to drink while I’m pregnant! It’s really nice – fresh, clean, delicate and refreshing with a nice sparkle!"

    Olivia P, London


  • "I used to be able to drink what I like and have no ill effects the next day, now it's not so easy. I have an early start, so this is perfect for mid-week drinking!"

    Steve M, Guildford


  • "BOLLE it’s just great when I meet friends for lunch and I want something lovely, crisp and tasty, like I’m drinking a Prosecco but I don’t want to feel drowsy all afternoon. It’s just great."

    Sarah K, Kent


  • "We tried BOLLE ORO at the weekend. My wife and I thought it was very hard to tell there was no alcohol, it was refreshing and tasted like a really good quality wine."

    Gavin S, London


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Pure pleasure

Naturally made only with the finest ingredients and with fewer calories and less alcohol than a banana, you can drink away to your heart’s content with a clear conscience.

All the fun, none of the nasties.

BOLLE, pure pleasure.

  • 31ST AUGUST 2022

    "Perfect for people who want the taste of wine without the sugar or alcohol. I found the Oro flavor to be dry and crisp with a lightness that made it go down easy."

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  • 4th July 2022

    "Fizzy. Fruity. Flipping fantastic. I will definitely be purchasing these... for many summers to come" - Josie Hull @ City Girl

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  • Food Navigator .com logo

    31st May 2022

    “Game changing” – Oliver Morrison, Food Navigator

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  • The Successful Founder logo

    31st May 2022

    “For the increasingly influential ‘sober curious’ community" – The Successful Founder

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  • Beverage Daily Logo

    20th May 2022

    “Designed to bring the same success to the low/no wine occasion as the neighbouring beer and spirits categories” – Rachel Arthur, Beverage Daily

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  • Women Talking logo

    11th May 2022

    “Tasty, innovative drinks” – Women Talking by Poppy Watt

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