Why Offer Alcohol-Free Options?

In today's diverse market landscape, having alcohol-free options is crucial for catering to a broader audience. Not offering a quality alcohol-free menu is akin to not providing proper vegetarian or vegan dishes — both are essential for inclusivity and customer satisfaction.

However, many businesses face challenges when selecting alcohol-free wines because the current choices are generally poor quality.

Many of the so-called “premium” (premium price but not flavour) alcohol-free wines are overly sweet, leading to palate fatigue, reduced appetite, clashing flavors, or even blood sugar spikes. Others simply do not taste like wine, leaving your customers dissatisfied.

The Bolle Difference

At Bolle, we have addressed these common challenges with our authentic alcohol-free sparkling Rosé and Blanc de Blancs offerings, a superior alternative that stands alone in the market.

Our wines maintain the perfect balance, avoiding excessive sweetness while preserving the subtle nuances that make wine enjoyable. This versatility ensures that Bolle pairs well with a wide range of dishes.

How to Include Bolle on Your Menu

We believe that instead of having a separate section on your menu for alcohol-free options, simply integrate Bolle into your existing sparkling wine section of the menu with an asterisk to show it is less than 0.5% alcohol.

Make sure your staff are well-informed about Bolle so they can confidently recommend and explain the flavor profiles.

We'd love to support you in hosting tastings or promotional events - to taste is to Bollieve. In our experience almost all customers have a negative experience with alcohol-free wines but when they taste Bolle they love it.

Having Bolle on your menu adds a big reason for them to return to your establishment.

Benefits of Adding Bolle to Your Offerings

By offering Bolle, you cater to non-drinkers, health-conscious customers, pregnant individuals, and those who need to get up early or avoid alcohol for other personal reasons. Over 40% of people are looking to cut down on alcohol, and providing high-quality options like Bolle can attract this significant market segment. Studies show that restaurants and bars increase revenue and margins by offering good quality alcohol-free options – switch your customers from water/juice/soda into a premium product.

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